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We moved to Winnipeg in 1967.  In May of that year, there was a Billy Graham Crusade, in Winnipeg.  Dave was saved on Sun., 5/28/67 and Jan was saved on Tues., 5/30/67.  Dave was 9 and Jan was 8.

I am so grateful that the Crusade was there and the children were saved at that time.  Oh.  it doesn’t mean you have no problems thereafter.  How I wish.  But it does mean that down the road after all the ugly frills of living are over what one has acquired from the Lord, remains intact.

Satan never attacks those who are in his grasp.  He works on those who keep their eyes on their Lord, trying to distract them in every way possible.

I love the story of God and Satan and their conversation re Job and his family.  God told Satan that he could have at-him but he could not take his life.  Well.  For sure he did everything that he could.  But he didn’t touch Mrs Job. He wouldn’t.  She was his hit-woman.  When Job was so in pain from the boils, etc., she came to him and said,  “Do you still hold fast your integrity?  Curse God and die!”  THAT’S THE KIND OF A WIFE EVERY MAN NEEDS!!!!!!!!!!  Of course Satan would not remove her.  She was working for him!

Same is true today.  Those who do not belong to the Lord he doesn’t bother because they have not/will not commit to the Lord buttttttttttt I can guarantee that he is always sitting on my windowsill with his black, month-old coffee in his dirty cup waiting….waiting….waiting to destroy me in whatever way he can, either with my big mouth, or doing too much at a time, or anything at all that will deter me.  I have times when I miss my time in the Word because I have overlapped my day.  But then I say, “tomorrow will be better”.  Not if Satan has his way!!!!! The same is true with all Christians.

But while I sit here battering away at Satan and Job, I am so blessed with the theft on the cross. No bible study attended.  No walking the aisle. No kneeling at the altar. No 6 week training session, just simply, “Jesus remember me when You come in Your Kingdom!” (Luke 23:42)  And Jesus said.  ‘Truly I say to you today you shall be with Me in Paradise”. (Luke 23:43) It was a last-minute turn-around but it DID happen.

Secure in the Lord.  Marge

Billy Graham/Franklin Graham

This morning Billy Graham found himself face to face with his Heavenly Father.  I CAN ONLY IMAGINE!!!!!!!!!!

What I am attaching below is for every one of you who are not christians.  Yes.  There are a lot of you out there. Some in my own extended family.  You are making the worst decision of your life thinking that what “you have” is what you want/need/will see you through your life.  I have news for you…….without the Lord Jesus Christ, you are going to hell. Your own families won’t tell you this.  They don’t want to ruffle feathers. HOGWASH.  Eternity is a long, long, long time to regret then what you are doing now.

Please Read this about Franklin Graham.  It is my responsibility to be sure you have every opportunity possible to decide rightly for a future that you cannot change once you are on the home stretch of it.  There will be one split moment in time some where for each of you who are not saved…….one brief moment when you will think, “My God!  I made a wrong decision, please help me get out of this”.  AND IT WILL BE TOO LATE FOR YOU. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!! Please read and think and pray.

Billy Graham’s New Home, by Franklin Graham

By   •   February 21, 2018

Franklin Graham: “The man the world knew as Billy Graham was always ‘Daddy’ to me.”

Franklin Graham wrote this op-ed piece which ran on on February 21, 2018.

My father never gave up on me, even when I caused him pain. He lived like the Gospel he preached—a message he repeated till his last breath.

My father has joined my mother in heaven. He went to sleep in his home in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina and woke up in the arms of Jesus. While many around the world mourn his physical death, he is now celebrating the eternal life he spent over 70 years telling millions of people about.

In the summer of 2005, he preached his final series of public messages to more than a quarter of a million people in New York City over three days. It would be his final live evangelistic crusade. That same year, a Gallup poll revealed that one in six American adults—35 million—had heard Billy Graham preach in person.

Since 1947, some 215 million people at more than 400 crusades, simulcasts and evangelistic rallies heard my father tell them, “The Bible says, ‘For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son, that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life’” (John 3:16). Today, he is experiencing what he devoted a lifetime to telling others they could experience if they placed their trust in Jesus Christ.

Final Crusade

During that final crusade in New York, he spoke with a national magazine about death. “Do I fear death? No. I look forward to death, with great anticipation. I am looking forward to seeing God face to face. And that could happen any day” (Newsweek, July 4, 2005).

Well, that day has come, and while I miss him (and my mother) dearly, I take great comfort in knowing I will see him again.

The man the world knew as Billy Graham was always “Daddy” to me. I was well into my teens before I fully comprehended that my father had a household name and a worldwide ministry. He was home a few days, then gone for weeks—sometimes months. Had it not been for my mother’s cheerful attitude and spiritual strength, his absence may have had a devastating impact on me. Her eyes flickered like the flames in the fireplace as she described Daddy’s travels, crusade meetings and people he met from all walks of life.

His homecomings were always a big deal. We waited eagerly at train stations and airports watching for his long legs to step onto the railway platform or airport tarmac. Other times, we ran to the driveway when we would hear the car coming up the mountain. My three sisters, brother and I would tackle him, but he always managed to scoop us up into his loving arms, letting us know how much he had missed us. Then, he would turn his attention and affection to the woman he loved—and who shared her life with him for 64 years. Those were happy times.

My Time with Daddy

On most Sundays for the past 20 years, I have driven an hour-and-a-half to have lunch and spend the afternoon with my father. I’ll forever cherish these special times we spent together. But there was a time when our relationship wasn’t so good, a time when I caused my mother and father quite a bit of anguish and heartache. During my teens and early 20s, I proved to be anything but what most people expected Billy Graham’s son to be. I’m so thankful he never gave up on me or quit loving me.

After graduating from college in 1974, I headed for Lausanne, Switzerland, to work at a conference the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association was sponsoring for 2,500 evangelical leaders from around the world. My life was a mess; I was empty and lonely. During that conference, my mother and father wanted to take me to lunch to celebrate my 22nd birthday. After lunch at a little Italian restaurant on Lake Geneva, Daddy and I walked along a pathway beside the lake when he turned to me and said, “Franklin, your mother and I sense there’s a struggle going on in your life.” Somewhat stunned, I wondered, “How does he know this?” He continued, “You’re going to have to make a choice either to accept Christ or reject Him. You can’t continue to play the middle ground.”

With my mind racing, wondering what he was going to say next, I heard these words: “I want you to know we’re proud of you, Franklin. We love you no matter what you do in life and no matter where you go. But you’re going to have to make a choice.” He had pricked my conscience to the point I was actually angry. I couldn’t figure out how he knew about the struggle that had been going on inside me—but he did, and he was right.

My father’s words haunted me for several weeks until I finally gave up running from God and made that choice to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and turn my life over to Him. I’ve never looked back or regretted my decision.

About 20 years after our life-changing walk along Lake Geneva, my father told me something else that would alter my life in another way; he asked me to assume the day-to-day management responsibility of the organization that bears his name. I’m at least smart enough to know I could never fill Billy Graham’s shoes, but I’m grateful he gave me an opportunity to help him finish his race on earth well, and to continue his life’s work.

Proud of My Father

I don’t know that I’ve ever been more proud of my father than the sunny day in May 2007 when 1,500 people, including three former American presidents, turned out to help us dedicate the Billy Graham Library in his hometown of Charlotte, N.C. (He joked to the crowd that he felt as if he were attending his own funeral!) Seeing him standing in front of the 40-foot-high glass cross that serves as the entrance to the Library, I thought about something he once told British TV personality David Frost in an interview: “Well, I’m going to heaven,” he said, “not on my good works or because I’ve preached to all these people or read the Bible. I’m going to heaven because of what Christ did on the cross.”

Billy Graham’s message of the cross never changed since he preached it at his first crusade—to an audience of 6,000 at the Civic Auditorium in Grand Rapids, Mich., in 1947.

Many books have been written by my father and about him. For more than six decades, authors, reporters, scholars and observers have scrutinized his life and commented on it for the public record. But the purpose of Billy Graham’s life is captured in a single paragraph found at the end of a little book a number of years ago.

A Final Word

Following that final New York crusade in 2005, a well-known publisher released a book with the entire text of his three sermons at Flushing Meadows Corona Park. They invited him to write some closing thoughts for the book, which filled just two pages under the heading, A Final Word from Billy Graham:

“No matter what your problem is,” he wrote, “if you and I could sit down and talk, I would want to tell you one great truth: God loves you, and He can make a difference in your life if you will let Him.

“God loves you so much that He sent His Son into the world to die for your sins. When we open our hearts to Christ, He forgives our sins and comes to live within us by His Holy Spirit. He also gives us strength for the present and hope for the future. This is the message of the Gospel—and this is the message you have read in this book.”

If my father could speak or write to us today, he would say the same thing. It was what he lived and breathed—until his very last breath.

Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, is the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse.

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Hummm….how things happen/develop

Yesterday I was asked by a dear friend if I had ever heard a song with the words, “I’d give a million tomorrows for one yesterday with you”.  I had not heard it but knew I could locate it online.  I did.  Gave it to my friend. Came home and got online and there another dear friend had a “remembrance” posted.  (She too, is a widow and as I, always, we will miss our beloved).  Here is what I saw on the screen.

“If I could have a wish come true a dream that would come to pass, I’d ask to spend a day with you and pray that it would happen.

“I’d run to you and hold you close.  We’d laugh and smile again. I’d listen so intently as you told me how you’ve been.

“When time was up, I’d hold you so close, not wanting to let go. You’d smile and tell me, ‘see you soon’ and somehow I would know that while it’s very hard to wait, one day the time will come and I’ll join you there forevermore when I, too, am called Home.

“My wish may go ungranted but it always will be true…I’d trade many of my tomorrows for one yesterday with you.”


I’m sharing this with you because this is what makes a day for us who have had a jolt to our systems – – a tearing-a-part that can heal but be scarred for life. It is little things like this writing that brings a smile and a closed eye and a moment has stopped still for us.  Some of you are having that kind of a moment as you just read the above.  Wonderful, wasn’t it!!

Always remembering……..Marge

How the Angels are Singing today!!

My!  I can only imagine how lit up the heaven is today with glorious song.  Billy Graham is Home at last.  How he has longed to be there and now he is in the presence of his Heavenly Father.

Can’t you hear the Heavenly Father say to him, “Well done!,  Thou good and faithful servant.”

My mind races back to May of 1967. The Billy Graham Crusade was in Winnipeg Manitoba.  I remember Loren saying we are going to clear our calendars for this Crusade week.  So we did.  The first day, Sunday, May 28th, we arrived too late to be seated inside the stadium so we sat outside in the bleachers.  At the close of the Crusade, the invitation was given and my son, Dave, went forward and accepted Christ as his Savior.  In late afternoon I remember Dave coming into the kitchen and telling me, “My heart feels clean mommy.”  Little did I know where our days would lead but I can tell you no one on this earth can ever remove the bond between his Lord and him, no matter how much they may try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was the following Tuesday, May 30th, that Jan went forward and accepted Christ as her Savior.

So our years of living began with four of us knowing the Lord as Savior.  I am reminded so often of Prov. 22:6,”Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”  Between the word child and the word old is a lifetime of living, but you can count on the Word of God to never be wrong.  With all my heart, I know when the word “old” is in full view, that they will not “depart from it”.  And that is all that counts in my heart.

I praise God for the thousands, probably millions that through all the years went forward and accepted Christ as their Savior because of the Billy Graham Crusades.

A chapter on living life has been brought to a close and I feel the aftermath of that chapter in my heart.  But though I am saddened by hearing of Billy Graham’s death, my heart is glad because once-upon-a-time, in so many lives, Christ was accepted into hearts and the difference for all eternity had been made.

Bless the Lord O my soul, and ALL that is within me….bless His holy name!!


Psalm 23

Psalm 23.  For the past thirty years, I have been saying it nightly, with twenty of those year with my husband, following our devotions at night and before we went off to bed.

It is a very special Psalm.  One of the most well known of the 150 Psalms.  Many non-Christians will recite it for comfort.

David had been a shepherd for years.  He knew his sheep and they knew him.  They knew his voice.  They knew they were secure with him.  He would lead them to clean water, food to eat and a place to rest.  He would also rescue them when they got on a wrong path or their lives were threatened in any way.

Now David is King and is the sheep.  He has traded places with the sheep he once was a shepherd to.  Now he knows full well that His Shepherd will be and is, more than adequate to meet his every-moment-need.

I have been following Dr. Rogers Psalm 23 study.  He makes some wonderful observations.

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou are with me. Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.” (Vs. 4)

Dr. Rogers writes, “In the Holy Land, there is such a valley.  It starts between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, about 2,700 ft. above sea level and flows down to 1,300 ft. below sea level to the Dead Sea.  This canyon is called “the valley of the shadow of death.”  It’s narrow – – at the bottom in some places it’s only 12 feet wide.  Even at high noon, it’s full of shadows.  In Bible times there were bears, hyenas, leopards and sometimes robbers in its caves.  There were steep places where sheep might fall.  it was such a frightening place, shepherds named it “the valley of the shadow of death”.

“But it was a useful valley. In winter when there was not much grass in higher elevations, shepherds would take their sheep down to Jericho where the sheep would winter-in and feed on the lush grass that would grow. When spring came, the green Judean hills would grow bright with verdant color, and the shepherd would lead his sheep through that valley to greener pastures in the highlands.”

It could very well be that David had led his sheep more than once through that 12 foot wide canyon.

As we approach Psa. 23, we want to look for a moment at Psalm 22 and Psalm 24.  Psalm 23 is the in-the-“Valley” Psalm. Psalm 22 and 24 are both mountain psalms but very different.  (here we see the whole wheat bread slices with the Honeybaked Ham in-between.)

Psa. 22 foretells Mount Calvary, (the crucifixion of the Messiah, vss. 14-16, coronation, vs. 21).

Psa. 24 foretells Mount Zion (speaks prophetically of the ascension of Christ after His victory over sin and death and of His coming reign as King over all the earth vss. 7-10).

We are living in the valley, in-between the two mountains.

To the left, (Mt. Calvary): Crucifixion…..To the right (Mt. Zion) Coronation.

The one thing that we can be sure of is that we will die.  For the Christian there is another possibility.  If the Rapture occurs, then we will have no death date because we will go up with all other Christians into the clouds and meet the Lord in the air (1 These. 4:17). The death statistic is that one out of every one will die.  We have the appointment – it has been made.  Our Maker knows the year, the day and the time for each one of us.

There is a “second death” but a Christian will face a physical death only once.  The “second death” refers to the non-believer only and is an ‘end time’ event.

This study is for the Christian only.  The “second death” is another whole new ballpark. If you are wanting to check it out you will find it in Rev. 2:11, Rev. 20:6, Rev. 20:14.

One point of interest here. Reincarnaton.  God’s Word says, “And it is appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgment” (Heb. 9:27).  The Word does not accept the reincarnation factor that so many believe in. We live once.  We die once.

We all know we will walk through that “valley of the shadow”, but we do not know when it will happen, or what exactly will happen. We all know that God doesn’t take your life.  All He has to do is stop giving it.  In other words, here for a moment in time and then….gone.

We will pick up here next time, the Lord willing. (I will explain these last three words as well, the Lord willing.)

In His Hands……Marge

Glow-worms…. hummmm

When you were very young, did you go outside in the evening and see all the little glowing lights around you?  I remember them well.  We called them lightening bugs back in my part of the world.


  Ye living lamps by whose dear light

The nightingale does sit so late

And studying all the summer night

Her matchless songs does meditate;

Ye country comets, that portend

No war, nor prince’s funeral.

Shining unto no higher end

Than to presage the grasses’ fall.

Ye glow-worms, whose officious flame

To wandering movers shows the way,

That in the night have lost their aim,

And after foolish fires do stray;

Your courteous lights in vain you waste,

Since Juliana here is come,

For she my mind hath so displaced

That I shall never find my home.

The above poem “Mower to the Glow-Worms, was written by Andrew Marvell (1621-1678). At the end of this poem Andrew Marvell writes,

“At various stages of their lives, members of the well named Lampyridae family are called glow-worms, fireflies, lightening bugs, and lightning beetles.  Poets from all over the world have loved them for centuries.  They are magnets for all sorts of lore and literature.”

I remember them well from my childhood years.  Used to put a bit of grass in a canning jar and caught them and watched their little lights “blink”.

Ah, yes.  The yester-years of life.

Enjoy on this Monday morning.  Marge


Luke 10:38-42…..Dear Martha!

38) Now it happened as they went that He entered a certain village; and a certain woman named Martha welcomed Him into her house. 39) And she had a sister called Mary who also sat at Jesus’ feet and heard His word.  40) But Martha was distracted with much serving, and she approached Him and said, ‘Lord, do You not care that my sister has left me to serve alone?  Therefore tell her to help me.’ ”

Can’t you simply feel the tenseness!!  I can see Martha!  Flour on her face. hair a mess, apron soiled, rolling pin in her hand, and her blood pressure rising “gently”.

Jesus and his buddies had arrived at one of their favorite places to rest and have fellowship and I might add – – – – – good food.

Martha read Jesus the riot act and was feeling very worn out.  Mary upon seeing Jesus and his friends come, immediately went to Jesus and sat down at his feet to be fed a different way – – – the Word going through the digestive system called her soul.

Jesus responds to Martha this way.  41). And Jesus answered and said to her, ‘Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. 42) But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her’ ”

NOW THEN! THAT PUT MARTHA IN HER PLACE!!!!!!!! However I see it this way.

Martha knew that Jesus and the disciples were in her home (always spoken of as Martha’s house).  She wanted to have an elaborate, full-fledged dinner with all that goes with meat and potatoes and salad and dessert and coffee and tea and after-dinner mints.  But Jesus recognized that they could all get along with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a banana and some hot chocolate.

Mary lingered in His presence.  Martha needed to provide food – – yes – – but something less extravagant would allow her to sit at the College of the Feet along with Mary.

Can we learn from this example of Martha and of Jesus and His response to her?  She was the only woman in the Bible who was called by her name twice.  THIS WAS VERY IMPORTANT in Biblical times.  We take it with a grain of salt, but being called TWICE meant largely that YOU need to listen to what I am about to say and take it to heart. (I am not joking about this, names were very important in those days and how they were used just as important)

Well.  We have read this story a million times.  We have been hearers a million times. What are we going to do about it?

We can become doers, rightly dividing the food responsibilities so that we are not over-doing it.  We are not over lapping precious time with our family – our guests – and in essence diluting the fellowship with over extension of preparations, which in turn have been over-lapped with other activities which in turn has caused a domino effect and left us worn out, and  no time to sit at the College of the Feet.  Am I right!!

Let’s don’t only “hear”.  Let’s “do” so that we have some quiet time every day of our lives, to take in from the Lord without overlapping as Martha did…………as you do, every single day of your life.  So do I.

The story has to do with food primarily, but there are so many other avenues to our daily living.  What about putting so many things into a one day’s period of time that every last thing is over-lapping and if you are at one signal light too long, the day begins to unravel and you are late for this or having to skip it all together this time around?

Fellowship for longer periods of time either with people in general or with the Lord has to be worked at.  Our ‘things that we do’ get put out there in all caps when they aren’t important at all – – – – – really.  Hearers.  Doers.  Let’s be both!!!

“Doing”…..His way.  Marge