May will be a month to be thankful for.

Od and I hung out together all day.  He loves his stroller and his cup of fresh water before he is rolled back home.  The life of Riley I must say.

April is almost over and May is approaching.  What a month it has been in our lives over the years.

In 1953, I accepted Christ as my Savior one Sunday evening at church. 65 years ago. I had just been graduated from High School.

In 1967, Dave and Jan accepted Christ as their Savior at the Billy Graham Crusade in Winnipeg, 51 years ago.  (Dave on 5/28 and Jan on 5/30).

Has it made a difference in our lives?  FOR SURE ~~~~ it has made a difference in our future.  We all three are in God’s Waiting Room and when our number is called, we have our passport ready.

I am so grateful and as each May approaches I remember and relive for one brief moment those times in my life.

This May I will turn 83 – that means beginning the 84th year of my life.  It is so hard to believe that I am so old. Where has the time gone.

I love every moment of every day.  So grateful for LifeStream and my apartment and Od.  So very comfortable for this time in my life. When will more difficult times come?  I don’t know.  I simply know who is taking care of me, and that is all that I need.

“I will take care of you all of your life. Yes, even when your hair is white with age.  I made you.  I will take care of you. I will carry you along and be your Savior”.  (Isa. 45:4)



The Ten Commandments!

We go to Exodus, the 19th chapter to see all of the preparations for God to speak audibly to Moses and the people to hear him.  This is well worth your reading.  The 19th chapter and then the 20th chapter is the Ten Commandments, as God spoke them.  It sends chills down my spine to read it.  So magnificent and awesome.

You will see in Exodus 19 there was serious preparation of the heart and mind before the people (and you and I) could come before God and receive a word from Him. If this was other than the Word of God, I would say we have heard the instructions from the “horse’s mouth”, but not so!!!!!!!  It was God Himself who spoke to Moses, telling him exactly what and how the people were to be prepared.  Please read it for yourself.

What makes The Ten Commandments stand out to me SO MUCH is the fact that NO ONE can say they are outdated, because they are our problems TODAY.  Just boggles my mind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1.  Preparation of self.
  2.   Strict prohibition so none could presume approach.
  3.   Serious preparation of heart and mind had to be made before they could wait before God and receive word from Him.

This all applies to us today as well.  We can’t just slop in any old way and be half asleep and not caring.  We can’t expect Him to give us a Word when our hearts and minds are not in tune with Him.  It doesn’t work that way.

God wrote upon the tablets with His finger.  Moses in his zeal, broke them.  God wrote them a second time. Thus:  Law was written on our hearts at creation.  Broken when we fell.  Re-written on our hearts at regeneration

The uniqueness is:

  1. Words were uttered by God in an audible voice.
  2. Written by God’s finger.
  3. Deposited in the Ark.

I might also add one other item that is very, very, very, very (did you get that!!). important to me.

So many say the Bible is old, outdated, absolutely NOT for this day and age. Tremendous Greek word for that answer ~~~~~ HOGWASH !!!!!!!!!!

We are not talking about something that happened 100 years ago.  Nor even 500 years ago!! We are talking in the realm of 3,000 years ago that God wrote The Ten Commandments.  AND TODAY THEY ARE AS CURRENT AS THE DAY HE WROTE THEM!!!!!!!!!  Not a one of them is outdated.  NOT A ONE!!!!!!!  You CANNOT in any way, shape or form, dispute that!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever noticed that there are NO NEW SINS!! ?? !!  NOPE!  The only sins that we have in the world today are those written in The Ten Commandments.  Now.  There are new ways – new mechanics of performing them, but NO NEW SINS!

Talk about a God who creates everything, and everyone, then to top it off, gives His only Begotten Son to die so I and you can live for all eternity if we acknowledge Him as our Lord and Savior.

Question:  How can you be so stupid as to not believe every single word in the Bible? It boggles my mind.  May each of us have the simplicity of faith enabling us to take Him at His Word.  (2 Cor. 11:2)

Dr. Adrian Rogers once spoke the following:

“When you accept Christ as Savior and Lord, then you say, ‘Thank You for saving me Jesus. I receive it by faith – – I don’t look for a sign – – I don’t ask for a feeling – – I stand on Your Word and that settles it!’ ”  (In other words 1 John 1:9).

He goes on to say,  “Just because God is your Creator, does not mean that He is your Father. God only wants for us what we would want for ourselves if we were smart enough to want it.”

Thank You Father for loving me – – for loving us – – even when we are unlovely.  May the frills of life fade while we still have time to make things right with You. May our lives be in Your hands and our hearts in Your keeping.  Amen!

In His Hands and On His Road!!




The Bible: Year Written and the Book

Early in this week we had the Authors of the Books of the Bible.  Now to finish it off, let’s have the “Year Written” and the “Book”.  This is very interesting.  Here we go!  Remember the OT is BC and the NT is AD.


Old Testament:  BC

1450-1410.   Genesis, Exodus,  Leviticus, Numbers.

1410.             Deut.

1400-1370.   Joshua.

1050-1000.   Judges.

1000.             Ruth.

950-700.      Proverbs.

965.              Song of Solo.

935.              Eccel.

930.              1 Sam., 2 Sam.

841-586.      Obadiah.

835.              Joel.

760.              Jonah.

755.              Amos.

740-680.      Isaiah.

710.              Hosea.

700.              Micah.

627-585.       Jeremiah.

625.               Zephaniah.

606-604.       Habakkuk.

592-597.       Ezekiel.

586-585.       Lam.

550.               1 Kings, 2 Kings.

537.               Daniel.

520.               Haggai.

520-518.       Zechariah.

465.               Esther.

450-444.       Ezra.

450-425.       1 Chron., 2 Chron.

450-400.       Malachi.

445-425.       Nehemiah.

Uncertain:  Job.  Various dates:  Psalms.


New Testament:  AD

45-50.            James.

49 or 55.       Gal.

50’s.               Matt.

50’s or 60’s.  Mark.

51.                  1 Thess., 2 Thess.

55.                   1 Cor.

56.                   2 Cor.

57-58.              Rom.

60.                   Luke

61.                   Acts, Eph., Phil., Col., Philemon.

63-64.              1 Peter.

63-66.              1 Tim., Titus.

64-88.              Hebrews.

66.                    2 Peter.

67.                    2 Tim.

70-80.              Jude.

85-90.              John.

90.                    1 John, 2 John, 3 John.

90’s.                 Revelation.


(Should any of you pastors who read my blog find a mistake, please let me know.  Correction will be made immediately.  Thanks.)

In His Hands. Marge




Perhaps……..I do!

I was asked if I have any tidbits to share before I call it quits in posting.  Very quickly I said I really don’t, but then I did remember a couple of things, which reminds me of another time some years back.

Once I had a favorite Author. Any thing she would write I grabbed it as soon as it went live.  I wrote her one time after her husband passed away and asked if she had one more book in her. Her reply was, “I do have some things I would like to say, but it is a lot of work though.”  Yes. I knew it was but I was hopeful and yet, she was never able to get it done.  Her own health deteriorated quickly and she passed away during the holiday season not long ago.

So.  Yes.  I do have a couple of things on my mind which might be of help to some you out there.

Insurance. Years ago I had four dental implants.  It was at that time that we learned about Care Credit.  We/I have used it ever since.  It is not a “normal” credit card.  It is spoken of as “Your family’s healthcare credit card.”  No interest charged if paid off in the allotted time.  THIS IS SO WONDERFUL!!!!

It can be used for Health care products, Veterinary Care and Supplies, Dental Care, Dermatology, Vision Exams/Eyeglasses/Contacts/LASIK Surgery, Hearing Aids, Chiropractic Care and some other items.  There is no interest charged if it is paid off in the allotted time.

Purchases, at this particular time, of $1,000.00 or more are eligible for a 24, 36, or 48 months offer with a 14.90% APR.  Purchases of $2,500.00 or more are eligible for a 60 months offer with a 16.90% APR.  THERE IS NO INTEREST CHARGED if it is paid off by the end of the designated months offer.  On qualifying purchases of $200.00 if paid by the end of a 6 months period, no interest will be charged.

If you are interested here is their number 1-866-893-7864.  The bank working with Care Credit is Synchrony Financial.

You can use your CC Card for healthcare products and services for friends and loved ones outside of your family if you so wish.  For more information go online to care

Some people believe that they have enough in their normal credit card.  But with it you pay a monthly amount PLUS a service charge.  That service charge can easily be in the 3 figure bracket.

I really do like the Care Credit Card because of the very fact that with no interest (or service charge) you are actually paying all premium.


Remembering to take your meds. Getting older keeps us on our toes when we have medicines to take every day.  Some have so many and it is hard to keep track of them all. I have only two as of this posting, but there are times when I can’t remember if I have taken them or not.

My husband was so disciplined.  He set up a program for himself.  He set one of the bottles on the counter the night before. The next morning he was reminded that he had not taken his meds when he saw it.  But as soon as he did, the bottles went back into the medicine cabinet.

There are times when he needed to fast due to blood work.  He would set the bottle on the counter the evening before but turn it upside down.  When he returned from the Lab., he would see he had not taken his meds,  so he would take them right away.


Making something a habit can be done.  I read once whereby if we do something 21 times in a row, it has become a habit.  Not if or maybe, but it has! Yip!  It is true. Try it and see for yourself.  I have had several things I have wanted to do consecutively and just never been able to stay with it. Until now. This really does work! But don’t give in even one time.  Stay with it.  Can’t be too tired, too busy, or just plain lazy.  If you give in once, begin all over again.  It has to be 21 times consecutively!!!!


When I get a new magazine, I sit down with a file card, pencil, stapler and look through and read it.  When I find a recipe I write the name of the recipe, and the pg. where it is found, on the file card.  Or if there is a poem, or an article that I want to come back to later, I list it on the file card as well.  Then I staple the file card to the inside cover of the magazine.

Example: holiday green beans, page 12.   firestarters, page 61.

When you have 15 or 20 magazines and you are looking for that green bean recipe, you can simply open the first page and see if it is listed in that particular magazine or should you look further.  Takes so little time to do it right!


When planning a punch recipe, make ice cubes of either the juice you are using or if using 7up, make them from it.  You do not want to dilute your flavor.


We would entertain three or four times a month and at times during a period of 6 to 8 mos. we might have the same couple over again.  You always want to remember what you served, what the centerpiece was, what you wore and what they could not have or something that they did like, you might want to remember to serve it at a special time, ie. birthday, etc.

I prepared file cards ahead of time.  And whenever we were planning for guests I would fill it out as I decided re the evening.  If we had any of these guests before, I would pull up their cards and apply what I had learned earlier.  Date ____ Who was invited (last names only)______________(Humphreys/Browns). Centerpiece________(carnations).  What can they not eat____________(him: no pineapple) (Her: drinks tea).  What did I serve _________(roast/gn. beans/imposs. pie). What did I wear __________(brown dress).

It really helps to do this.  Why spend so much time preparing the Key Lime Pie when they are diabetic.

Hope this gives you something you would like to try. I promise you, that if you will always do just one thing different, you will have a ball preparing and sharing your home with others.  So much fun. I remember well!!!!

Always looked for the special……

Marge H.



A means of Escape~The Canadian Rockies!

Today I am continuing to eliminate “stuff”.  Once you get started, it really does roll along.  Though, right now, I have a cup of coffee, my MacBook sitting on the glider with little Od just now curled up to sleep while I write.

I now have a 4 shelf bookcase down to 1 shelf bookcase.  Have given so many books away. I found a calendar for 2017….The Canadian Rockies Calendar.  A dear friend for years has sent one to me for Christmas.  2017 was the last one.  I pulled it out and sat and as I turned each month up, I remembered…Yes.  Remembered so many things.

Canada was celebrating their 100th year in 1967 when we arrived in Canada to live.  Now in 2017, last year, Canada was celebrating their 150th year.  As I looked at each month so many memories flew back to roost for a bit in my heart and mind.  The Main Street in Banff.  The Banff Springs Hotel – elegant isn’t even a real good description of it – the beautiful golf course that on every hole you are able to see a different mountain.  Then beautiful Cascade Mountain.  For our honeymoon we stayed at an Inn right at the foot of Cascade and as we ate breakfast the deer were at the window wondering why we were so inconsiderate as to not give them a bite to eat.

In Canada a sofa is a chesterfield, a rest room is a wash room, a napkin is a serviette, you use cream in your tea, you put vinegar on your French fries, you call a sack a bag, money looked like Monopoly money.  The $2 bill is now a double coin (a round hole cut out of the middle of one coin and another smaller coin in the center, so it looks).  We have heaters in the cars that you plug-in and so, so, so MUCH more! In Winnipeg was the beautiful ice sculpturing in life-size.  One year we saw an old fashion car, a record player, down the middle of one of the streets were igloos with colored lights inside.  Talk about elegant.  Winnipeg knew how to do it!!!!

Our Company was a father and two son business headquartered in Wichita, KS., with a distribution center headquartered in Winnipeg, Man.  The business grew so much that someone was needed to guide it and so we went.  How God blest the business. It was a storm door, storm windows and awning company.  With temperatures all winter in the mid minus 30’s, it was needed and our little business grew all across Canada.

The father and two sons are gone now and the texture of the business changed and the large window/door companies survived and so it is as in any business there is a time and a place and when that has arrived, then it is time to move on and for some of us who are left memories amount to a lot.

From time to time I hear other people in deep conversations, with one assuring the other one that they understand both sides.  I laugh to myself.  They understand nothing except application.  It is not real – it is not experienced in the heart as it is in the mind.

We had a pastor and wife as close friends for years.  He passed away and she said, “Marge we have cried with people, we have knelt with people, we have talked by the hour with people, we have been silent with people, simply been there for them……for years as we have pastored our little church, but in all of the deepness of death, she said, this is a part that I have never experienced because it is happening to me, not to someone else whereby I am “feeling” for them and sad for them, hurting for them but not bleeding for them as I am right now.”  I told her of course not, this is your husband,…the one you fell in love with, married and began your family with.  He was……..simply……..the one deepest touched and felt by you. When things went wrong with the children, it was the two of you who came together and forged ahead with them. When “anything”went wrong you two were together, making decisions and moving on – – – not alone – – but together.

Yes.  There are a thousand ways to feel the loss of someone but when the someone is the husband or the wife, there is no way to get around what you have to go through. Family, of course, is a great deal of help, but you always without exception have to go home, close that door and be greeted by that silence that will never, ever, go away because it can not.

The Canadian Rockies….Winnipeg…. my heart and mind brims with so much preciousness which was at every point and turn in our lives.  It was wonderful.

I close the calendar and the memories slip back into the memory bank for another day, and another whiff of a love from another time. No.  The Calendar will not be discarded…..there is no way to replace it.  No way.  The means of escape was for a wee bit in my day – now saved for another time, another day, perhaps even……….another year.

“til next time.

Marge h.

The Winnipeg Years…..just Remembering!

Today I have been working on getting things in my apartment so that when the kids need to move me to Assisted Living, if it is ever needed, they will not have a mess on their hands.  Today it was ‘getting-rid-of-books-day’.

As I was sorting through and finding ones I did not want to part with, my hand touched one book that wiggled my memory into full speed ahead and for the next almost two hours, “it” and I and coffee was outside on the glider, lovingly going through each page.  The funny part about that is I knew only a hand full of people whose pictures were there but that handful was something else.

The title of the spiral book was “The Borodenko Family Cook Book”.  On the inside cover Joyce had written, “To our Dearest Friends Marge and Loren.  With love and fondest memories we shared together serving our Lord and the wonderful times we had at Grant Memorial Baptist Church in Winnipeg!”  God’s Blessings.  Joyce and Ted Borodenko.  Dated Oct. 13-19, 1988.

Ted and Joyce spent those days with us in Tempe, AZ.  The “Book” was a part of the 1986 Borodenko Family Reunion in Dominion City, Manitoba on July 5 and 6, 1986.  It was their gift to us as we parted ways on Oct. 19, 1988.

Joyce was such a dedicated leader in Pioneer Girls and Ted in Boys’ Brigade.  Both were heavily involved in Bird River Bible Camp along with several others just like them.  What a treasure for Loren and me as we served together with these very Godly people in Winnipeg.

In this “Cookbook” are some recipes which I had forgotten but I want to share a few with you and by all means ~~~~~ Enjoy!

Before that I want to print two precious bits to ponder which were in the beginning of the Book.


4 lbs. of Love, 3/4 lb. Self Forgetfulness, 1/2 lb. Good Looks

2 T. Sweet Argument, 1/2 lb. Buttered Youth,  1/2 lb. Pwd. Wit, 1/2 pt. Rippling Laughter, 1 glass of Confidence.

Blend the flavor of love, good looks, and sweet temper into a well furnished home.  Mix the buttered youth with confidence and self forgetfulness together.  Then add to sweet argument.  Work together until thoroughly blended and bake gently-forever.


1 grass grown field, 1/2 doz. children or more, several dogs and puppies, – if in season, 1 brook, pebbles.

Into the field, pour the children and dogs allowing to mix well. Pour brook over pebbles until slightly frothy.  When children are nicely browned, take them in and cool in a warm tub.  Dry well and serve with fresh baked bread or cookies.

Both of the above were submitted by Gloria Rudyk, Sudbury Ontario.

Now for those recipes.  I hope you not only will try but add to your “most-favorite” collection.

“Easy” Blender Cheesecake

Cream 2-8 oz. pkgs. cream cheese.  Add 1 c. milk and 1 c. sour cream and blend well.  Sprinkle in 1 large pkg. of Vanilla Instant Pudding.  Blend well.

CRUST: Combine 2 . graham cracker crumbs with 1/2 c. melted butter.  (Leave a bit of the crumbs to sprinkle on top).  (Submitted by Linda Borodenko.]


1  pkg. graham wafers, 1 sm. pkg. vanilla pudding (cooked), 1/2 pt. whipped cream, vanilla butter icing.

Line 9×13 pan with whole graham wafers.  Prepare vanilla pudding and let it cool a few minutes.  Pour onto wafers.  Put in fridge for a few minutes.  Beat whipping cream and spread on vanilla pudding.  Line pan with another layer of wafers. Ice with vanilla butter icing. Chill. (best if made the day before serving.)

Chicken Delight

1-1/2 c. minute rice, 1 chicken, cut up, 1/2 c. water, 1 tin each mushroom soup, cm. of chicken, and cm. of celery, 1/4 c. finely diced celery.

Take the rice and add soups, celery, and water. Be sure the rice is fully coated.  Place chicken pieces on top.  Bake for 2 hours at 350 deg. (Irene Borodenko submitted this)

Stir and Dump Chicken

Chicken parts, 1 bottle Catalina salad dressing, 1 envelope onion soup mix, 1 small jar apricot jam.

Place chicken parts in baking dish.  Mis remaining ingredients together and pour over chicken. Bake at 350 deg. for 1 hour.  (Submitted by Ruth Boggs)

Memoriable moments in time.  Both Ted and Joyce are Home now with their Lord whom they served so willingly and with such joy.

Yes!  The Winnipeg years were a zenith point for us.  We never forgot them.  Most of our friends from those days now are Home.  So many.  The church, Winnipeg, the whole area actually – – it all wiggled it’s way into our hearts and in mine, it all is forever embedded.  The year we moved to Wpg, was 1967, Centennial Year for Canada.  So many special, special celebrations going on ALL the time that year.

Thank you Lord for the times You gave us in the Wpg. years. Precious friendships, too.  Thank You for it all. Thank You for giving me a memory so I can remember and smile at the thought of the ice castles made in the winter time, the ice igloos in St Vital down the middle of the parkway with colored lights in each one,  the Missionary Conferences held each year, the many missionaries coming for the celebration in the church, the Afternoon Teas each weekday at The Bay, which started out I believe at just under a dollar and before we left the price had gone up to $1.50.  I remember how cream was put in hot tea, and vinegar on French fries. The beautiful Christmas seasons, the Sr. High Young People that gave us so much joy and most of all the expression of Your love that You gave to us to share with each other. Help me Lord, to never forever all that you flooded our lives with, but mostly, just You and the gift of love and of life and of living in a time and a place where You were lifted up and honored and glorified. And also knowing that Jesus Christ, was and is the same yesterday, today and forever.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Amen.

Remembering and moving onward a better person because of my Lord.

Marge H.

May I say something to each of my Readers?

I want to talk to you about Pres. Trump and his wife.  Please don’t turn me off.  You ALL know where I stand on almost anything that I deem important.

People do not like him because it is the thing to do.  Please don’t be a part of this.  It is wrong.  We are ALL sinners – that also includes you and me.  We all sin in different categories, different ways, by different means.  Should you think you don’t, I can tell you probably several ways that you sin – – yes – – as do I!!!!

We had Mr. Obama as our president for 8 years.  There were lots of things that were not too solid but they were not highlighted or searched for because all those in the “know” were alike.  I prayed for the man and his wife daily because their lives were always on the line.  I did not like them, but it was the people who put him there and not Russia which was a stupid way to try to ruin a person.  The President of the United States carries so much responsibility and with one wrong move could have us wiped off the planet.  Only God can stabilize and keep us moving on.


I did not, I do not, like President Trump’s wordage, etc.  Butttttttt.  It was the people who were fed up with what we have had, that spoke.  You didn’t like it!  That is because you were/are a part of the group on the other side.  I have seen a difference in his stance since he took office.  I am reminded of how the disciples did not trust Paul AT ALL because of his past.  President Trump is a business man not a politician.  HUGE DIFFERENCE.

But here is the paragraph that I want you to read…to think about….and be fair with your answer.

The Presidential hopeful, back then, made several promises and commitments to the Christian world. At this point, he has not reversed himself on any commitment. And some have been fulfilled already.  

The Democrats have promised themselves that they would not under any circumstance work with him – just get him out.  Is this the kind of a party that you really want to be a part of?  They have refused to give him the embodiment of a staff so he can do his work. they have spent months trying to find just one speck of dirt on him to impeach him.  Why aren’t they willing to work and to compromise and further our nation – they are not worthy of being re-elected to the office.

Pres. Trump is a business man.  I was amazed after the hurricane in Florida, how all those expensive homes around his had real damage.  Oh.  They searched and searched hoping to find his home leveled but instead they found his to be the ONLY ONE without one tile lifted off.  Remember how the helicopter circled the mansion and it was as though the winds went all around it but did not touch it. There was so much disappointment regarding that.

He knows what he is doing alright.  Give him a chance.  He is the greatest help we have had in years.  God put him in that office.  He could never have gone there otherwise.  Perhaps God had things that only Mr. Trump could accomplish and that might end in four years.  On the other hand, He may have a plan for him to be there eight years.  And believe me, no matter how much dirt you can sweep up, or how many women will be paid to say this or that about him, it will do NO GOOD AT ALL AS LONG AS GOD IS STEERING THE PRESIDENTIAL WHEEL FROM ABOVE.

His wife – – she is laughed at because of her accent.  Nothing is said about the five languages that she fluently speaks. When she goes to countries, she can speak to them as one of their own.  What a gift she was given. Give her credit.

I laughed and laughed when she was going to the helicopter in her very high heel shoes to visit the weather torn areas not long ago.  She was being torn apart by all the news people.  Dressing in a way that called attention to herself.  THEN I SAW HER STEP OFF THE PLANE in the weather-battleground and she had jeans and keds on ready to go to work.  I could just see the news people- – now how can we tear her apart – what can we say about this – what can we do to make her look bad!!

A question which has been posed to me often is:  “How could you vote for such a man?”  My question then is ALWAYS, “How could you vote for what was left to be voted for?”  HE HAD THE RIGHT PLATFORM!!!!!!  Do you read that and understand it?  HE HAD THE RIGHT PLATFORM!!!!!  If you sacrificed it, the Platform of the other side would be everything that you do not believe in.

Some were all upset because he had gone to war.  No he didn’t.  He directed the “aim” only at the compounds that were developing the “materials” to poison and kill the Syrian people.  Take a good look at that.  Then be truthful.

Yes m’am!  Yes sir!  I WILL vote for him next time around if I am still on this earth. I believe Psa. 75:6,7 and God will do His work and no one – including you – can stop Him!!!  Onward we go!

God’s Word says, “Promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south.  But God is the Judge:  He putteth down one and setteth up another” (Psa. 75:6,7).  And He WILL continue to do just that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eternally in His care and options.

Marge H.